My Inspiration

Dedicated in the memory of Nathaniel Richman Cohen  ז״ל

נפתלי צבי בן ראובן נחום הכהן ורחל לאה

Nathaniel Richman Cohen (January 6, 1986- April 12, 2007) lead a life that defined the benefits of inclusion not just to the person with a disability, but to all those whose lives he enriched from teaching them about courage, caring and coping. Diagnosed at age 6 with Duchene Muscular Dystrophy, a progressive deteriorative disease that made Nathaniel a wheelchair user from age 8 until his passing, Nathaniel’s  relentlessly  positive  determination  to view himself  as being just like everyone else, enabled him to change the perspective of every Jewish communal setting that ultimately accepted him, from his Synagogue, to Jewish Day Schools and to Summer Camps. His dedication to living a life of Torah values and to finding God’s goodness in every person and in every situation is the spirit that motivates The Jewish Inclusion Project. His too-short life was a blessing to all who knew him, and his soul inspires us still.